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Nigeria’s Kaduna pairs with Zipline for drone-delivered COVID vaccines

Nigeria’s Kaduna state has signed a deal with medical delivery firm Zipline that will allow drone shipment of COVID-19 vaccines without significant state investment...

Walmart to test drone delivery of COVID-19 test kits

Walmart Inc said on Tuesday it would run a pilot project to deliver self-collection test kits for coronavirus through automated drones at customers’ doorsteps. The...

Drones assisting healthcare take to African skies

Reaching remote locations for a blood sample or delivering a vaccine in the centre of a vast lake, thick jungle or a rural village...

Drones to deliver vaccines, blood and drugs across Ghana

Hundreds of drones will begin delivering life-saving vaccines, blood and medicines to patients in Ghana this week in the largest scheme of its kind,...

Buzz as world’s biggest drone drug deliveries take off in Tanzania

Tanzania is set to launch the world's largest drone delivery network in January, with drones parachuting blood and medicines out of the...