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Yemen court sentences six Somali pirates to death

A court in Yemen sentenced six Somali pirates to death for hijacking a Yemeni oil tanker in April 2009, killing one Yemeni...

Yemen getting tougher with Somalis

Somalis fleeing war have long found refuge in Yemen, seen as a way station to Saudi Arabia, but fear of al Qaeda...

Al Qaeda branches growing globally: US

Yemen has made progress in its US-backed fight against al Qaeda, but the extremist group continues to spread elsewhere and has some...

No plan for US troops in Somalia

The United States does not plan to send US troops into Somalia or Yemen as those countries struggle to contain Islamic militants,...

Algeria protests at new US air security rules

Algeria's foreign minister summoned the US ambassador yesterday to protest at Algeria's inclusion on a list of countries whose flights bound for...

Somali PM sees rebel rout from capital this month

Somali government troops are ready to launch a major offensive against insurgents and expect to drive them out of the capital by...