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Burkina Faso operating Chinese self-propelled guns and mortars

Burkina Faso’s military has acquired Norinco WMA301 fire support vehicles fitted with 105 mm guns from China, as well as Norinco 81 mm CS/SM1...

New military vehicles displayed during Angolan military exercise

The Angolan military has acquired new armoured vehicles from China, which were displayed during a recent exercise. The exercise concluded on 28 January...

Senegal has received new armoured vehicles from China

Senegal has revealed its new WMA301 Assaulter armoured vehicles, along with Ram Mk III armoured vehicles, TRF1 towed howitzers and other hardware...

Djibouti displays Chinese tank destroyer for the first time

Djibouti's armed forces on Saturday displayed a Norinco WMA301 tank destroyer for the first time, adding to its growing inventory of military...