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Underdeveloped east Sudan “volcano to erupt”: report

Sudan's impoverished east is "a volcano waiting to erupt" because anger is rising over a lack of economic development and an abundance...

No ash delays expected this week

Volcanic ash over South Africa is not likely to cause further air travel disruption this week, although backlogs could cause delays, the...

Eritrean volcano still erupting, some flights cancelled

A volcano in Eritrea erupted for a third day but with reduced intensity, its ash cloud spreading out over Sudan and towards...

Ash cloud hits Scottish flights, Ryanair complains

Ash from an Icelandic volcano has today forced the cancellation of dozens of flights to and from Scotland but Ireland's Ryanair says...

Grounded British test plane highlights ash data gaps

A research plane which could be taking ash samples to help airlines decide whether it is safe to fly was left grounded...