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UN mulling South Sudan sanctions

UN Security Council members are considering sanctions on South Sudan's warring parties, envoys said after UN peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous demanded "serious...

Eritrea blames US for expanded UN sanctions

Eritrea blamed the United States for expanded UN sanctions against the Red Sea state for supporting Islamist militants and said the new...

Eritrea will bow to UN sanctions: Djibouti

United Nations sanctions imposed on Eritrea last year will stop it interfering in Somalia, Djibouti's foreign minister says. Mahmoud Ali Youssouf told...

“Cavalier” violations of UN Darfur arms embargo

The US envoy to the United Nations accused Sudan of "cavalier" violations of UN sanctions aimed at limiting the flow of arms...

US condemns Eritrea for “destabilizing” role

The United States accused Eritrea yesterday of working to destabilise the Horn of Africa region and urged President Isaias Afwerki to bring...

Madagascar’s leader pushes elections back to May

Madagascar's diplomatically isolated leader yesterday pushed back widely criticised parliamentary elections from March to May and pledged the vote on the Indian...

Eritrean economy untouched by UN sanctions

Eritrea said that its economy will be unaffected by the UN sanctions imposed on the nation, which were an international response to...

North Korea has made more arms-grade plutonium

North Korea said it had completed reprocessing spent fuel rods at its Yongbyon nuclear plant and turned it into arms-grade plutonium, giving...