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British spy chief denies collusion in torture

The head of Britain's MI5 security service denied last week that his agency colluded in torture, after a court ruling showed it...

UK forced to publish CIA torture allegations

The British government lost a legal battle to prevent the disclosure of secret US intelligence material relating to allegations of "cruel and...

Sudan’s elections need credible monitors: Britain

Credible monitoring of Sudan's first multi-party elections in 24 years is essential and the EU may send observers to help ensure such...

UK pledges aid for Sudan ahead of crucial elections

Britain announced a £54 million ($86.38 million) aid package for Sudan yesterday and said the African country faced a "crucial and critical...

RAF C17 fleet to grow to seven

The British Royal Air Force has signed a deal for a seventh Boeing C-17 strategic transport aircraft to increase the size of...

Lockerbie bomber disappears in Libya

The Libyan convicted for the 1988 bombing of an American plane in Lockerbie, Scotland, who was released last August on compassionate grounds,...

High court makes “historic” terrorism evidence ruling

London's High Court ruled against the British government yesterday over the use of secret evidence to deny terrorism suspects bail in what...

Brown hopes Zimbabwe can rejoin Commonwealth

Prime Minister Gordon Brown held out the prospect today that Zimbabwe could be re-admitted to the Commonwealth in 2011 if it pushes...

UK won’t stop hacker’s extradition to US

Home Secretary Alan Johnson said he cannot stop the extradition of a Briton wanted in the United States for hacking into NASA...

India, China and Russia seek role in Afghan policy

The foreign ministers of Russia, China and India said that the world must remain engaged in Afghanistan, with Moscow seeking a greater...


Armscor in-house expertise can generate revenue

Sweating Armscor assets, mainly property, was at one stage trumpeted as the way to eventually ensuring financial independence for the State-owned defence and security...