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Uganda to compensate LRA victims ahead of vote

The Ugandan government will compensate about 10 000 people in the country's northern region, who were maimed by the Lord's Resistance Army...

Uganda govt accused of links to militia

Human rights activists and opposition figures yesterday accused the Ugandan government of deploying a militia to intimidate protesters and disperse demonstrations ahead...

Uganda politician refers president to ICC ahead of poll

A Ugandan opposition leader called for the International Criminal Court to investigate the country's president ahead of 2011 elections over alleged crimes...

Ugandan opposition pushing for president term limit

Uganda's opposition will present a bill seeking to amend the constitution to reinstate presidential term limits, a move that would stop the...

Uganda opposition wants election guarantees

Uganda's top opposition leader called on the international community to help guarantee a fair election next year and not wait till it...

Ugandan opposition party elects poll flagbearer

Uganda's largest opposition party has chosen its leader Kizza Besigye to face off against the east African nation's long-serving president in the...