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Tanzania’s opposition presidential candidate leaves for Belgium

Tanzania’s opposition presidential candidate left for Belgium on Tuesday where he said he will campaign for democracy following a disputed election that the incumbent...

Tanzanian opposition leader takes refuge in German ambassador’s residence

Tanzanian opposition presidential candidate Tundu Lissu said on Saturday he had taken refuge at the German ambassador’s residence in the commercial capital Dar es...

Tanzania arrests opposition leaders, foiling post-election protests

Tanzanian opposition presidential candidate Tundu Lissu was briefly detained on Monday, his Chadema party said after police foiled planned opposition protests against last week’s...

Tanzania’s opposition candidate calls election a ‘travesty’

Tanzania’s leading opposition presidential candidate on Thursday asked countries around the world not to recognise the eventual results of an election held the previous...

Tanzania opposition leader says facing repression as elections near

Three weeks before elections, the Tanzanian government is getting scared and will do all in its power to stop the opposition, according to Tundu...

Tanzania opposition names presidential candidate who survived shooting

A politician who survived being shot 16 times in an apparent assassination attempt will challenge Tanzania’s president in October elections, his party said as...