IATA reduces air traffic outlook as crisis drags on

Global airlines reduced their 2020 traffic forecast on Tuesday, after a small summer rebound evaporated amid renewed coronavirus outbreaks and travel restrictions. Full-year passenger traffic...

Abalone poaching at epidemic levels

Over the past 18 years, poachers have stripped South African coastal waters of at least 96 million individual abalone. Efforts to curb the...

Drones helping traffic control in Kosovo

Kosovo police are using drones to catch drivers who ignore traffic signs in an attempt to reduce casualties. Since January the small...

New roads drive up accidents, deaths in Sierra Leone

Travellers in Sierra Leone are often impressed by the new, smooth highways built by foreign donors in the West African nation --...

Namibia bush meat trade could save its wildlife-study

It isn't often that conservation groups urge hunting game as a way to save wildlife, but according to one such group, Namibia...