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R8 million plus setback for illegal miners

A two-month haul worth in excess of R8 million in mining and allied equipment, diamonds, ore, explosives and weapons is the tally for the...

Red Sea/Gulf of Aden task force

Recognising the importance of a secure maritime environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, a task force set up by the Inter-governmental...

France leads top NATO response force this year

The highest ready element of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), its very high readiness joint task force (VJTF), is this year led by France. The...

French naval task force on extended mission

A French naval task force is currently steaming down Africa’s east coast as part of an extended five month mission that will include South...

US to continue training regional troops to prevent LRA regrouping

The United States said it would maintain training for east and central African regional forces to prevent warlord Joseph Kony's rebels from...

Turkish Navy task force en route to Africa

Just over a week ago the Barbados Turkish Maritime Task Group departed Turkish Naval Base Golcuk to start its circumnavigation of Africa. The...