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No MSDS recruits for military health service in current intake

The national defence force’s ongoing contribution to job creation – the military skills development system (MSDS) – this year shows a slight improvement in...

Beijing to pioneer social credit system

Beijing's municipal government will assign citizens and firms "personal trustworthiness points" by 2021, state media reported, pioneering China's plan for a "social...

Production of Armscor developed water purification system to start next year

By the end of next year SA Army Sappers should be able to provide potable water infield thanks to Armscor's water provisioning...

Technical milestone for Denel Overberg Test Range

The Denel Overberg Test Range (OTR) reached a major technical milestone when an important renewal project – the replacement of the tracking...

INTS Systems Management helps prepare defence bids

A South African company is exploiting a gap in the market by offering to assist companies prepare bids for Armscor and other...

U.S. Army Places New Orders for Saab’s Carl-Gustaf

Defence and security company Saab has signed a new contract with the U.S. Army for the company's Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system. This...