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Somalia stops UAE military training programme

Somalia disbanded a United Arab Emirates programme to train troops in a fresh sign that a dispute in the Gulf involving Qatar...

Tunisia foils migrant departure

The Tunisian navy has arrested more than 550 Tunisian and African migrants trying to sail to Europe in September, nearly three times...

Armed group stopping migrant boats leaving Libya

An armed group is stopping migrant boats from setting off across the Mediterranean from a city west of Tripoli that has been...

Sudan halts US talks after sanction decision postponed

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has halted until October 12 the work of a committee formed with the United States to negotiate relief...

Kenya foils terror attack

Kenya seized six men suspected of planning an attack sponsored by al Shabaab from neighbouring Somalia, the head of Kenyan police said. In...

Amnesty event for jailed Cameroon students thwarted

Cameroon security forces prevented Amnesty International from holding a press conference to call for the release of three young men jailed in...