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Israel tells France it is taking NSO spyware allegations seriously

Israel is taking seriously allegations that spyware developed by an Israeli company was used against public figures including French President Emmanuel Macron, Israel’s defence...

Israel eyes spyware export curbs; Macron, Merkel troubled by abuse reports

An Israeli parliamentary panel may seek changes to defence export policy over reports that software sold by Israel's NSO Group was used to spy...

Israeli firm’s spyware used to target journalists’ cell phones – reports

An Israeli company's spyware was used in attempted and successful hacks of 37 smartphones belonging to journalists, government officials and human rights activists around...

Cyber-intel firms pitch governments on spy tools to trace coronavirus

When law enforcement agencies want to gather evidence locked inside an iPhone, they often turn to hacking software from the Israeli firm Cellebrite. By...

German firm investigated for spyware

German prosecutors are investigating a Bavarian company named in a media investigation as supplying software to Turkey for spying via phones. The Munich prosecutors...

U.N. surveillance expert urges global moratorium on sale of spyware

The world should impose a moratorium on the sale and use of surveillance software until there are rules in place to stop governments using...