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SAS Spioenkop returns home from Mozambique

The South African Navy's frigate SAS Spioenkop (F147) is currently steaming home after an Operation Vikela deployment off Mozambique and once back in South...

Minor damage in SA Navy vessel collision

Two South African Navy (SAN) vessels sustained minor damage when they were involved in a minor collision last week. The SA Navy confirmed that there...

Waterjets a focus area of Project Syne frigate upgrade

One of the items on the South African Navy's four Valour class frigates that will receive attention during Project Syne, for their...

Operation Copper now only with SA and Mozambique

Operation Copper, the mission to provide maritime security and prevent piracy in the Mozambique Channel, is now a bilateral operation between South...

New captains for three SA frigates

The South African Navy this morning changed the command of three of its four Valour-class frigates during a single parade. Rear Admiral...