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Kenya demands U.N. removes massive Somali refugee camp

Kenya has given the United Nations three months to remove a camp housing more than half a million Somali refugees, as part...

Somali refugees have little chance of celebrating Eid

Hauling plastic sheeting through the barren scrub of southern Somalia, Jamal Aden and his heavily pregnant wife have no chance of scraping...

Ethiopia expects 25 000 more Somali refugees in 2010

Ethiopia said yesterday it expects another 25 000 refugees fleeing fighting in Somalia to cross its border by the end of the...

UN calls on countries to take Somali refugees

The United Nations refugee agency called on states to give shelter to people fleeing Somalia even if they do not meet formal...

Yemen getting tougher with Somalis

Somalis fleeing war have long found refuge in Yemen, seen as a way station to Saudi Arabia, but fear of al Qaeda...