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EU Naval Force, IMO warn of continued, although diminished, piracy threat

Somali-based piracy remains a threat to international shipping and there is no room for complacency where pirates are concerned, according to the...

ISS: Sharp drop in African piracy: are we missing something?

‘Piracy falls to a six-year low' or ‘Dramatic drop in piracy rates'… These kinds of headlines looked great splashed across a web...

Somali piracy at seven-year low, new tactics by militants onshore: U.N.

Pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia are at the lowest level since 2006 because of tougher ship security and more Western...

Ship industry, unions urge end to Somali piracy

Shipping associations, marine insurers and unions joined forces to demand "concrete action" from governments to end Somali piracy. Somali pirates have stepped...

Piracy prompts Japan to open naval base in Djibouti

Japan is opening its first overseas army base in Djibouti, a small African state strategically located at the southern end of the...