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Outrage at Burundi “slave trade” slur

UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet expressed outrage at comments by Burundi's ambassador in New York comparing the chairman of a UN...

Mauritanian slave owners jailed

Two slave-owners in Mauritania face 10 and 20 years in prison after a court handed down the country's harshest anti-slavery ruling yet. The...

Executions, torture and slave markets persist in Libya – UN

Armed groups execute and torture civilians in Libya in almost complete impunity seven years after the revolution that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, the...

Macron on supposed Libyan slave markets

French President Emmanuel Macron will ask European leaders to help evacuate Africans in danger in Africa after reports apparently showing African migrants...

Libya investigating migrant “slave market” reports

Libya's UN-backed government is investigating reports of African migrants sold as slaves and has promised to bring the perpetrators to justice. Footage...

Migrants traded in Libyan “slave markets” – claim

Growing numbers of African migrants passing through Libya are traded in what they call slave markets before being held for ransom, forced...