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Seychelles Air Force trains with Operation Atalanta Spanish warship

On 7 November the Spanish warship, ESPS Victoria, carried out counter-piracy training with the Seychelles Air Force. The first training exercise saw ESPS...

EUCAP Nestor begins training Seychelles Air Force, Coast Guard

The capacity training mission EUCAP Nestor on Monday began two new training courses for the Seychelles Air Force and Seychelles Coast Guard,...

EUCAP Nestor starts training with Seychelles Air Force

On Monday the first basic training course for the Seychelles Air Force (SAF) started at the SAF facility at Mahe's Airport. The four...

European Union enhances maritime awareness of Seychelles Air Force

On 2 April, a ceremony was held at the Seychelles Air Force base to mark the donation by EUCAP Nestor of flight...

New African Military Profile: Seychelles

The Seychelles military is small, numbering under 2 000 personnel, yet the island nation has nearly a million square kilometres of territory...

Seychelles People’s Defence Forces

Seychelles People's Defence Forces Index 1. Order of battle 2. Overview 3. Defence economics 4. State of military forces 5. Country threat report 6. External deployments 1. Order of Battle ...