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Conflict related sexual violence on the rise in South Sudan

A decrease in violence against civilians in South Sudan is offset by cases of conflict related sexual violence more than doubling, compared to the...

UN calls for stop to ‘horrific’ sexual violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray

A dozen top United Nations officials on Monday called for a stop to indiscriminate and targeted attacks against civilians in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region,...

Sexual violence against women during conflict under UN spotlight

Ten years after adoption of a UN resolution to end rape as a weapon of war and reduce sexual violence during conflict “wars are...

ISS: Sexual violence against men and boys in CAR

Sexual violence by armed groups in the Central African Republic (CAR) is increasingly being used as a weapon of war. Women and...

Torture, sexual violence on the increase in Burundi

Torture is on the rise against government critics detained in Burundi and security forces are using sexual violence against women during protests...

ISS: Male victims of sexual violence: war’s silent sufferers

Sexual violence is a tactic of war, used to humiliate, dominate and instil fear. It is also increasingly being used as a...

Scale of South Sudan sexual violence is unprecedented – Red Cross

Women in South Sudan have suffered unprecedented levels of sexual violence in the last two years, including abduction, rape, forced marriage and...

Feature: Sexual violence in conflict far from being rooted out

Positive developments across the United Nations system aside, the task of protecting civilians has become more onerous as conflicts become increasingly vicious,...