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New UAV orders for Denel Dynamics

Denel Dynamics has received another order for its Seeker 400 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) after completing deliveries to the South African National...

UAE orders Seekers from Denel

The United Arab Emirates has ordered R180 million worth of Seeker unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Denel. The deal was revealed at the...

Seeker II UAV shot down in Yemen

A Denel Dynamics Seeker II unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was apparently shot down over Yemen last week. Footage broadcast by the Al-Masirah news...

Seeker 400 completes second round of flight tests

The Denel Dynamics Seeker 400 unmanned aerial vehicle has successfully completed a second round of flights tests at Alkantpan in the Northern...

Further flight testing for Seeker 400 and Hungwe

Denel Dynamics is continuing with flight testing of its Seeker 400 and Hungwe military and civil unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) ahead of...