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Yemen’s Saleh welcomes U.N. resolution on power shift

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, facing an increasingly entrenched uprising against his rule, on Monday welcomed a U.N. Security Council resolution urging...

Three killed in Yemen violence

Gunfire and shelling in the Yemeni capital Sanaa killed two people medics said, two days after the United Nations issued a resolution...

Yemen’s Saleh wants global guarantees to sign deal

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said he would sign a Gulf peace deal calling for a transfer of power only if the...

Yemeni government troops battle opponents, 8 dead

At least eight people were killed in Yemen's capital Sanaa in overnight clashes between government forces and fighters allied with activists demanding...

Eight Yemenis killed, Saleh sees Russian, Chinese support

Eight Yemenis, including five protesters, were killed in a new upsurge in violence in the capital hospital officials and witnesses said,...

Yemeni opposition doubts Saleh pledge to quit soon

Yemeni officials rowed back from President Ali Abdullah Saleh's statement that he would step down within "the coming days," and opponents dismissed...

Yemen general – West cuts counter-terrorism aid

The United States and other Western donors have cut counter-terrorism aid to Yemen's army during eight months of mass protests against President...

Yemeni troops shell anti-Saleh forces

Yemeni soldiers loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh opened artillery fire late against armed fighters supporting protesters in the southern city of...

In Yemen, soldiers blur lines of peaceful protests

The line between protesters and mutinying soldiers backing them is becoming increasingly blurred in Yemen's eight-month revolt against President Ali Abdullah Saleh's...

Yemen protester stand firm after Saleh disappoints

Yemeni protesters vowed to increase the pressure on Ali Abdullah Saleh after the president offered no clear path to a handover of...


SANDF youth employment commitment increasingly hamstrung

With an official youth unemployment rate of 46% for the first quarter of 2021, it’s not surprising two published pieces about military recruitment on...