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More than 9 million in Sahel face food crisis-Oxfam

More than nine million people in five countries in Africa's Sahel region face food crisis next year, following low rainfall, poor harvests,...

About 10 million at risk of food crisis across West Africa

Almost 10 million people across the Sahel region of West Africa are threatened with a severe food shortage, international aid agency Oxfam...

One-fifth of Chad’s population face hunger: UN

Nearly a fifth of the population in Chad will suffer food shortages this year, part of a broader hunger problem looming in...

“Strong risk” of famine in Africa’s Sahel: EU

Millions in West Africa's arid Sahel belt could face famine this year unless the world acts quickly to help, the European Union's...

Ten killed in Niger attacks: security sources

Ten people including seven soldiers were killed during attacks by gunmen in Niger, security sources said last Saturday, adding to the week's...