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Kamffer looks set to depart Army Reserves director post

The man who drove and successfully concluded the renaming of SA Army Reserve Force units and was also instrumental in adding value to this...

Organised agriculture buying into Project Koba-Tlala

Project Koba-Tlala is spreading its wings, with organised agriculture now aboard as the SA Army Reserves initiative gains traction in efforts to supply military...

Medic reserve numbers to be cut by at least 500

The SA Army Reserve looks set to grow by 500, possibly more, personnel as the SA Military Health Service (SAMHS) plans to cut its...

Koba-Tlala making a difference in Mpumalanga

The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) development programme Project Koba-Tlala continues to make steady progress in providing locally grown food to military bases, with...

Good and not so good in proposed Mzansi Home Guard

The new SA Army Reserves initiative to, among others, improve rural safety and security has drawn largely positive comment with reservations and an obvious...