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Russian frigate Admiral Kasatanov visits Egypt

The Russian navy’s frigate Admiral Kasatanov has paid a visit to Egypt during its voyage through the Mediterranean. The Russian defence ministry on 16 February...

Russian Navy visiting Namibia

The Russian Federation Navy's Northern Fleet detachment is currently in Namibia on a historic visit. The detachment paid its first ever visit to...

Russian Naval Task Force surprises Cape Town

The Russian Federation Navy's Northern Fleet detachment, including the Severomorsk large anti-submarine destroyer, paid a surprise visit to the Port of...

Russian Navy anti-piracy flotilla on the way to Africa

The Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet has dispatched a fresh squadron of three vessels to combat piracy off the East African coast. The squadron...

Russia wants naval base in the Seychelles, Cuba or Vietnam

Russia hopes to establish its first naval base abroad since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union and is looking at Cuba,...

Russia sends seventh anti-piracy flotilla to Gulf of Aden

A Russian naval task force has arrived in the Gulf of Aden to patrol for pirates, replacing a previous flotilla that had...

Russia sending warships to its base in Syria

Russia is sending a flotilla of warships to its naval base in Syria in a show of force which suggests Moscow is...

Russia resumes ant-piracy mission off Somali coast

Russian Defense Ministry officials said Russia will resume its anti-piracy mission near Somalia in early July, APA learned from local media in...