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Denel presentation to Parliamentary committee “untruthful”

Ailing State-owned defence and technology conglomerate Denel was told “there’s no need to sugar coat or hide anything” by the acting chair of a...

Armscor highlights strategic facilities

Armscor has a number of strategic facilities, from test ranges to research and development institutions, and many of these are undergoing upgrades and improvements...

Protechnik expertise turned to sanitisers and disinfectants

Turning swords into ploughshares could be ascribed to what Armscor defence institute Protechnik Laboratories did when the coronavirus pandemic hit South Africa. The Centurion based...

South Africa part of international chemical weapons biomarker research work

Protechnik Laboratories, an Armscor defence science and technology institute, is collaborating with a Netherlands-headquartered applied scientific research organisation developing methods to analyse...

Protechnik-developed decontaminant could halt imports

Protechnik Laboratories, the multi-disciplinary laboratory facility in the Armscor stable, has developed decontaminants that have performed on par against a NATO approved...

First strategy session for new Armscor board

The new Armscor board held its first strategy session earlier this month since being appointed by the Minister of Defence and will...