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Gulf of Guinea pirates strike again

The Maltese-flagged chemical tanker Sea Ranger was the second in a week to be on the unwanted receiving end of attention from pirates in...

Pirates target tanker and fishing vessel

A fishing vessel and a chemical tanker are the latest victims of pirate action groups (PAGs) in the Gulf of Guinea. The attacks happened in...

Three more Gulf of Guinea attacks

The Gulf of Guinea continues to live up to its world’s worst rating for pirate and ship attacks with at least another three reported...

Gulf of Guinea still a piracy high risk area

]The International Chamber of Commerce's International Maritime Bureau (IMB) report for 2019’s third quarter shows fewer incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships...

Pirates eye share of Gulf of Guinea riches

Pirate attacks on ships in the Gulf of Guinea are threatening one of the world's emerging trade hubs and are likely to...