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SAS Spioenkop responds to light aircraft ditching off Pemba

Before the South African Navy’s frigate SAS Spioenkop departed Mozambique for South Africa, the vessel responded to the ditching of a light aircraft off...

Tanzanian military transport spotted in Mozambique

The Tanzanian Air Force has been transporting troops and equipment to Mozambique, presumably as a contribution to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) intervention...

Mozambique city overwhelmed by people fleeing Islamist violence

Peter N’Guila used to have no trouble supporting his family of three on his consultant’s salary. But since Islamic State-linked insurgents attacked a northern...

Unmarked Gazelle helicopters spotted in Mozambique

Unmarked Gazelle helicopters painted in military camouflage have been spotted in Mozambique, with speculation they may be used for security missions by a private...

Pause in South African anti-piracy mission

South Africa has temporarily halted anti-piracy patrols in the Mozambique Channel and the waters off the Tanzanian coast. The Navy has maintained an...