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Peacekeeping: the day after

What happens when the peacekeepers go home? That's the question Brenthurst Foundation deputy director Rear Admiral (Retd) Steve Stead hopes to answer...

PKO and SSR tied

Peacebuilding must be tied to security sector reform (SSR) to prevent recidivism. Ernest Lartey says the absence of comprehensive and integrated peace plan has...

Mandates key to mission success – or failure

Mandates are fundamental to the success and failure of any peacekeeping mission, says Albert Gomes-Mugumya. Yet mandates have often not been clear, precise or...

African conflicts misunderstood

African conflicts are largely misunderstood. That will be Adane Ghebremeskel's message to this week's defenceWeb Peacekeeping Africa 2009 conference, scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday...