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OTT products showcased at demo day

The military attache community was able to experience the OTT Group’s products firsthand during a demonstration day at Rhino Park last week, and this...

Gallery: OTT demo day 8 November 2023


OTT Technologies about to deliver remanufactured Ratels to African client

OTT Technologies is ready to deliver a batch of remanufactured Ratels for an African military after a seven-month rebuild and refurbishment process. The customer already...

OTT Solutions advancing Ratel Service Life Extension Programme

OTT Solutions is forging ahead with the development and testing of its Ratel Service Life Extension Programme (SLEP) infantry fighting vehicle, which is being...

OTT Solutions’ Ratel SLEP makes Lohatla debut for Exercise Vuk’uhlome 2022

OTT Solutions brought its Ratel Service Life Extension Programme (SLEP) vehicle to the South African Army’s Combat Training Centre at Lohatla in the Northern...

Armscor awards Teamster phase 1 contract

OTT Solutions and Desert Wolf have been awarded the contract for the first phase of Project Teamster to replace the South African...