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Nigeria enlists drones for border security and crime fighting

Tethered drones are making life easier for Nigerian law enforcement authorities responsible for border and homeland security as well as anti-crime and anti-terrorism operations. The...

German P-3 Orions deploy to Somalia for anti-piracy duties

On 11 March, the maritime patrol capability of the European Union's anti-piracy Operation Atalanta was doubled with the arrival of German P-3C...

New NASA spaceship nails debut test flight

A U.S. spaceship designed to one day fly astronauts to Mars made a near-bullseye splashdown in the Pacific Ocean on Friday, wrapping...

German Navy P-3 Orion takes part in anti-piracy patrols

A German Navy Lockheed P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft is being stationed in Djibouti, where it is carrying out anti-piracy patrols as...