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ISS: South Africa’s deadly mix of explosives, extortion and organised crime

The use of terrorist tactics by criminals highlights the urgency of dealing with smuggled explosives. On 30 January, armed robbers in Cape Town hijacked two...

ISS: Where in Africa is organised crime most serious?

Researchers on organised crime are often asked where in Africa the problem is most serious. Implicit in the question is which countries...

ISS: South Africa must move beyond its organised crime clichés

Organised crime is a serious and growing menace in South Africa. And with its debilitating social and economic effects on the country,...

Organised crime: a growing threat to international peace

The UN Security Council will later today debate the issue of organised crime as a threat to international peace. The issue has...


Mapisa-Nqakula continues to use “security” to evade Parliamentary questions

The free flow of information on border protection successes from military provincial tactical headquarters continues unabated in contrast with answers to Parliamentary questions where...