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Op Irini enforcing Libyan arms embargo

In its two years of operation to date the European Union (EU) Naval Force (NavFor) Mediterranean Operation Irini investigated over 6 200 ships, conducted 250...

Op Irini boards Syrian flagged vessel

The last week of October saw another vessel boarding and inspection done by the EUNavFor Operation Irini in the Mediterranean to prevent violations of...

Operation Irini up and running in the Mediterranean

The EU naval operation in the Mediterranean, previously concentrating on migrants is up and running with a new mandate and name since the beginning...

EU launches Operation Irini to enforce Libya arms embargo

The European Union is stepping up its efforts to enforce the UN arms embargo on Libya through the launch of a new CSDP (Common...

New EU Libya sea patrols in April

The European Union will launch a new Mediterranean naval and air mission in April to stop arms reaching warring factions in Libya, EU diplomats...