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More border patrol successes for SA soldiers

Soldiers on border protection duty have recorded more successes against criminals and illegal immigrants, apprehending hundreds of people and confiscating millions of rands worth...

Soldiers help prevent livestock theft along SA’s borders

Soldiers deployed on border protection duties in Free State last month (October) reported 232 head of livestock recovered in line with reported rises in...

Border protection remains thin due lack of funds

Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, trotted out the by-now hackneyed excuse of “budgetary constraints” when answering a Parliamentary question about...

Aerial component of Op Corona border safeguarding totally neglected

The South African National Defence Force’s (SANDF’s) Joint Operations division has stated that safeguarding South Africa’s air borders has been totally neglected due to...

Soldiers confiscate illegal alcohol and cigarettes worth millions on SA borders

Cigarettes and alcohol conservatively valued at over R2 million was confiscated by soldiers doing border protection in April, an additional indicator the South African...

Major dagga seizure during Op Corona patrols

Illegal importers of dagga found themselves short of almost 500 kg of the psychoactive drug following two separate seizures by soldiers deployed on border...

Operation Corona border security seizures and successes

Improved control mechanisms at South Africa’s 57 official points of entry were recently under discussion in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) but the...

Hot pursuit in the pipeline for border protection

In its annual performance plan for the current year, the Department of Defence (DoD) notes “offensive operations within applicable international legal frameworks” may become...

Border protection tasking set to stagnate at 15 companies

The single largest internal deployment of the national defence force will, for the foreseeable future, continue to be the border protection tasking under the...

Soldiers confiscate contraband worth over R27 million

A severely stretched and thin cordon of soldiers protecting South Africa’s porous borders continue to confiscate contraband destined for informal traders, spaza shops and...


Armscor in-house expertise can generate revenue

Sweating Armscor assets, mainly property, was at one stage trumpeted as the way to eventually ensuring financial independence for the State-owned defence and security...