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Africa’s Nile, Limpopo at risk from climate change

Climate change is likely to lead to increased average rainfall in the world's major river basins but weather patterns will be fickle...

Ethiopia says plans to build more Nile dams

Ethiopia has announced plans to construct two dams along its share of the Nile, six months after embarking on a 5,250 MW...

Nile River row: Could it turn violent?

The giggles started when the seventh journalist in a row said that his question was for Egypt's water and irrigation minister, Mohamed...

Egypt must boost investment to assure Nile flow

Egyptian companies need to increase their investments in Nile basin states in order to gain more leverage in how water from the...

Egypt, Nile Basin states need better water use

Egypt needs to cut water waste and use new technology in agriculture and other fields to support its case for the lion...