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Second Russian/Chinese/SA naval exercise set for February

Today (Friday, 4 November) sees the conclusion of the main planning conference for a second tri-nation naval exercise involving China, Russia and South Africa. South...

Nigerian Navy critical for African security and stability – USN Commander

Nigeria, which has the largest navy in the Gulf of Guinea region, is critical for Africa’s security and stability, a US Navy (USN) captain...

International Exercise Obangame Express set to begin this month

Obangame Express (OE21), the largest multinational maritime exercise in Western Africa, will kick off its tenth year with 32 participating nations at an opening...

First Russo/Sino/SA naval exercise set for November

Come the last week in November, SA Navy fleet headquarters at Simon’s Town will be a hive of activity as three navies prepare for...

Exercise Ibsamar underway

The tri-nation naval exercise Ibsamar is now in full swing following a week's preparation and briefings in Simon's Town. With the exception of...