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French Rafales visit Reunion

Two French Air Force Rafale fighters have visited Reunion as part of a force projection exercise, along with an MRTT tanker. The two Rafale F3Rs...

Royal Air Force MRTT visits South Africa

Military aviation enthusiasts in Cape Town and Pretoria last week had the opportunity of seeing a Royal Air Force (RAF) Voyager (Airbus...

Tanker spat raises threat to US arms sales

US armsmakers face potential retaliation from Europe after the bitter demise of a transatlantic bid for a potential $50 billion US aerial...

French among top protectionists in defence -Boeing

Boeing's top French representative has accused the European nation of shielding its arms market behind a wall of "extreme protectionism" while fighting...


SA’s top soldier right on decline upon a decline in the SANDF

South Africa’s senior soldier – SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Chief – General Rudzani Maphwanya has it spot on in that the decline upon...