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Indian Navy hands over interceptor craft to Mozambique

The Indian Navy has handed over two Solas Marine fast interceptor craft to Mozambique and provided military training during a port visit by the...

India hands over interceptor boats to Mozambique

India has handed over two fast interceptor boats to Mozambique as part of an agreement to strengthen defence cooperation between the two countries. The boats...

India training Mozambican sailors as part of vessel donation

The Indian Coast Guard is training Mozambican Navy sailors on the operation of interceptor boats that India is donating to the southern African...

CMN launches first Mozambican HSI 32 interceptor

French shipyard Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie (CMN) has launched the first of an initial batch of three HSI 32 interceptors destined for...

Mozambique orders additional HSI32 interceptors

Mozambique has ordered three more HSI32 interceptor boats from French company CMN, joining the three Ocean Eagle 43 trimarans, three HSI32s and...

CMN launches Mozambique’s first Ocean Eagle patrol vessel

French shipyard CMN yesterday launch the first of three Ocean Eagle 43 offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) for Mozambique. The vessel emerged from the...

First Mozambican patrol boat hull delivered

The first of three hulls for Mozambique's new Ocean Eagle 43 patrol boats is on its way to the CMN shipyard in...

Navantia upgrading Mozambican patrol vessel

Navantia has signed a contract to upgrade a Mozambican navy patrol vessel donated by the Spanish Navy last year for anti-piracy and...