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Attack on Ukraine would be costly, NATO warns Moscow

Russia would pay a high price for any new military aggression against Ukraine, NATO and the United States warned on Tuesday as the Western...

Azerbaijan accuses Moscow of arming Armenia since July clashes

An Azeri presidential aide said on Saturday that Russia has been supplying Armenia with weapons since a clash between the two former Soviet republics...

Russia’s Putin greeted by jeers and boos

Has Vladimir Putin lost his touch? The boos and whistles that greeted the Russian prime minister when he stepped into the ring and...

Russia’s Medvedev urges army to import weapons

President Dmitry Medvedev, leader of the world's second largest arms exporter, urged the Russian military to buy weapons from abroad in order...

Russia creates two brigades of Arctic troops

Moscow will create two brigades to protect its valuable Arctic resources, Russia's defence minister said. Moscow has walked a fine line between cooperation...