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Denel Dynamics’ financial year 2016/17 achievements

While the A-Darter air-to-air missile project has not gone according to plan, Denel Dynamics is upbeat about a number of other developments...

South African guided weapons

South Africa's defence industry has a world renowned reputation for producing guided weapons, from unpowered bombs to surface-to-air missiles. Weapons like the...

Feature: Denel pushing Rooivalk Mk 2, export orders

Denel is in discussions with various government departments including the South African Air Force (SAAF) on upgrading the Rooivalk combat helicopter and...

Denel Dynamics upgrading missile range

Denel Dynamics is upgrading and improving its range of air defence, air-to-air and anti-armour missiles as it continues developing its product line...

Mokopa qualified

The Denel Dynamics Mokopa missile, developed as part of the South African Air Force's Rooivalk attack helicopter programme, Project Impose, is a...