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Mauritania seeks escaped militant linked to plot to kill president

Mauritanian authorities are hunting for an Islamist militant who escaped from prison where he was awaiting execution for his part in a...

Mauritanians vote in presidential poll amid opposition boycott

Mauritanians voted on Saturday in an election certain to return President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz to office for another five years, but...

Mauritanian opposition announces boycott of presidential poll

Mauritania's main opposition parties announced on Sunday they would boycott a scheduled June 21 presidential election, in a move that threatens to...

Mauritania sets presidential election date

Mauritania will hold presidential elections on June 21, according to the presidency, despite a lack of agreement on the reform of election...

Islamists poised to enter parliament as Mauritania goes to polls

Voters in Mauritania went to the polls in Saturday in legislative and local elections expected to bring a once-outlawed Islamist party into...

IMF gives Mauritania $100 mln in aid

The International Monetary Fund said it would give Mauritania at least $100 million in financial aid over the next three years, adding...