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Anti-president Somali soldiers begin returning to barracks

Hundreds of Somali forces who back the opposition began returning to their barracks on Friday after reaching an agreement with the prime minister following...

ISS: Al-Shabaab holds its ground against Somalia’s amnesty deal

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo) has employed a classic carrot-and-stick approach to al-Shabaab since taking office in February. In early April,...

New Somali president calls on al Shabaab to surrender

Somalia's new president was inaugurated on Wednesday, promising his people the era of al Shabaab and other Islamist militant groups was over. Mohamed...

Anti-corruption campaigner is new Somali president

Thousands of Somalis fired guns in the air, cheered atop military vehicles and slaughtered camels to celebrate the election of anti-corruption campaigner...