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SAAF resilience needed amid global conflicts and humanitarian crises – Mbambo

Ongoing conflicts and natural disasters are increasing demand for South African Air Force (SAAF) assets, but a lack of funding is hampering operations and...

Base clean-up and DoD gender seminar at Mobile Deployment Wing

The SA Air Force (SAAF) Mobile Deployment Wing (MDW), formerly Air Force Base (AFB) Swartkop, has been a hive of activity with a base-wide...

SAAF explains disappearance of AFB Swartkop name

Air Force Base Swartkop, the oldest base in South Africa, has ceased to exist, the SA Air Force (SAAF) has said. The facility, which also...

Farewell AFB Swartkop, hello Air Force Mobile Deployment Wing

It probably went completely unnoticed by the thousands who thronged the oldest base in the SA Air Force (SAAF) earlier this month for the...