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Russian attack helicopters turned the tide against the LRA – UPDF

The Uganda People’s Defence Force’s (UPDF’s) Russian attack helicopter fleet - which now includes Mi-28NEs -  helped turn the tide in the fight against...

Uganda acquires Mi-28 attack helicopters

The Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) appears to be a new operator of the Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter, which has been spotted for the...

Algeria receives more Mi-28s

Russia has delivered another two Mi-28NE attack helicopters to Algeria, bringing the total number delivered so far to six, out of a...

Algeria receiving first Mi-28 attack helicopters

Russia has delivered the first two Mi-28NE attack helicopters to Algeria, out of an order for 42 of the aircraft. Photos posted by...

Mi-28 out of Indian attack helicopter race; Apache firm favourite

India has dropped Mil's Mi-28N Night Hunter from its competition for 22 attack helicopters, leaving the Boeing AH-64 Apache as the only...