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Cameroon receiving Mi-24s

Cameroon has apparently received the first of two refurbished Mi-24 attack helicopters from Russia, as part of an order for six. A Cameroonian...

UN report reveal new South Sudanese military acquisitions

A report released by the UN says that South Sudan has spent more than $850 million on four Mi-24 attack helicopters, Chinese...

Gallery: UN helicopters

The United Nations operates a wide variety of small, medium and large helicopters provided by member nations for its various missions throughout...

Uganda seeks UN compensation for loss of three Mi-24s

The Ugandan governments says it is still waiting for the United Nations (UN) to compensate the Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) for...

Sudan violating sanctions with Darfur air strikes – UN panel

Sudan's government has violated U.N. sanctions on the Darfur region by carrying out air strikes and using aircraft from Belarus and Russia...

India withdraws last attack helicopters from Congo peacekeeping mission

India has withdrawn its last four attack helicopters from the United Nations mission in the Congo, saying they are needed for domestic...


Coronavirus shows why the SANDF needs to be adequately funded

The deployment of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to help fight the COVID-19 novel coronavirus yet again demonstrates the need for a...