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Morocco receives more Metal Shark boats

Morocco’s Royal Gendarmerie has taken delivery of four Fearless Super Interceptor boats manufactured by Metal Shark. Metal Shark said the latest delivery of four brings...

Morocco gets Metal Shark boats from the United States

The Royal Moroccan Navy has taken delivery of two Metal Shark boats from the United States. The boats were handed over on 24 March during...

Kenya receives donated patrol boats

The United States has handed over the last six Metal Shark patrol boats to the Kenyan Navy, bringing the total number delivered...

US donates patrol boats to Senegal and Cabo Verde

The US military has donated two patrol boats to Senegal's Navy and five patrol boats to Cabo Verde to enhance their maritime...

Benin receives US patrol boat

Benin's navy has taken delivery of a Metal Shark boat from the United States, which will be used to improve maritime security...