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Shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles flow abroad from Libya

Shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles have been trafficked out of Libya to Chad, Mali, Tunisia, Lebanon and likely Central African Republic, with attempts made...

Militants shoot down Egyptian helicopter

Islamic militants in North Sinai have released a video which appears to show them shooting down an Egyptian military Mi8/17 transport helicopter,...

Stratfor: The continuing threat of Libyan missiles

In March 2011, while many of the arms depots belonging to the government of Libya were being looted, we wrote about how...

US says 5 000 surface-to-air missiles secured in Libya

US and Libyan explosive ordnance disposal experts have secured 5 000 surface-to-air missiles accumulated by Muammar Gaddafi's regime, a top US official...

UN council urges Libya to stem illicit arms flows

The U.N. Security Council yesterday urged Libya's government to do everything possible to track down missing shoulder-fired missiles to keep them out...