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Search for Malaysia Airlines jet refocuses on drone scans of seafloor

A deep-sea drone completed its much-anticipated first full scan of the seabed in the remote Indian Ocean, the team looking for a...

Undersea drone hunt for Malaysian plane may take two months

A U.S. Navy underwater drone sent to search for a missing Malaysian jetliner on the floor of the Indian Ocean could take...

Australian PM says searchers confident of position of MH370’s black boxes

Search and rescue officials in Australia are confident they know the approximate position of the black box recorders from missing Malaysia Airlines...

Royal Navy vessels join the hunt for MH370

A Royal Navy (RN) Trafalgar Class submarine, HMS Tireless, is the latest addition to the fleet of airborne and maritime platforms searching...

Planes, ships chase new leads in search for Malaysian jet

New satellite images have revealed more than 100 objects in the southern Indian Ocean that could be debris from a Malaysian jetliner...

Malaysia says jet crashed in sea; China wants evidence

Malaysia said on Monday that a missing jetliner had crashed into the Indian Ocean, an announcement that was greeted with hysteria by...

Malaysian PM says lost airliner was diverted deliberately

A missing Malaysian airliner appears to have been deliberately steered off course after someone on board shut down its communications, Prime Minister...

Missing Malaysian plane last seen at Strait of Malacca

The Malaysian military believes an airliner missing for almost four days with 239 people on board flew for more than an hour...


SANDF missing the communication target

Former defence and military veterans minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula on a number of occasions said words to the effect South Africans have to decide what...