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Suspected Libyan militant claims al Qaeda link

A Libyan captured in a raid on a militant group blamed for a deadly attack on Egyptian police said he and other...

Five killed in Benghazi battle

Five East Libyan force soldiers were killed in clashes with Islamist-led rivals holed up on the edge of a recently recaptured district...

Libya’s tribes meet to make peace, end skirmishes

Libyan tribal leaders met in the hope of easing tensions between clans in a country where the new central government is still...

New Libyan PM forming government

Abdurrahim El-Keib, pitched from academic obscurity to head Libya's new government, set about selecting his cabinet hoping to rally the disparate groups...

UN urges Libya to prevent revenge killings

United Nations human rights investigators called on Libyan authorities to ensure that their forces refrain from revenge killings and humanely treat detainees...

Algeria wants Libya rebels to curb al Qaeda-source

Algeria will not yet recognise Libyan rebels as the new leadership of its neighbour state and wants them to make a strong...

Libyan crew seize back ship control from Somali pirates: EU

The crew of a Libyan cargo ship seized back control from Somali pirates on yesterday after fighting in which some of their...