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ISS: No easy answers to Lake Chad Basin’s security dilemmas

It has been two decades since Mohammed Yusuf founded the group that became known as Boko Haram, and over a decade since its violent...

ISS: Cameroon’s community violence adds to Lake Chad Basin security woes

These clashes must be prevented from taking on a regional dimension, as happened with terrorism and organised crime. The Lake Chad Basin region is plagued...

ISS: Boko Haram desertions could be the tipping point

Governments in the Lake Chad Basin region should use the ongoing departures to cripple the violent extremist group. At least 2 122 people associated with...

ISS: Soldiers for rent in the Boko Haram crisis

A Nigerian governor’s call for mercenaries to support the counter-insurgency revives questions about a controversial practice. Following Boko Haram’s brutal attack on dozens of farmers...

ISS: Dialogue with terrorists should start with community voices

Dialogue as a plausible method for countering violent extremism has gained traction in the past year as international and regional actors consider new ways to end...

Vulnerable people “a step away from starvation” in Lake Chad Basin

Scaling up of international assistance to the Lake Chad Basin this year has averted a famine in north-east Nigeria, even though millions...