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Islamic State attack kills ten policemen near Iraq’s Kirkuk

Islamic State militants killed ten Iraqi policemen and wounded four during an overnight attack on a guard post near the city of Kirkuk, police...

Kurds abandon territory in the face of Iraq government advance

The Baghdad government recaptured territory from Kurds across the breadth of northern Iraq on Tuesday, making startlingly rapid gains in a sudden...

Iraqi forces size Kirkuk in bold advance

Iraqi government forces captured the major Kurdish-held city Kirkuk, responding to a Kurdish referendum on independence with a lightning strike that transforms...

Iraq says captures positions south of Kirkuk including airbase

Iraqi forces captured several positions south of Kirkuk from Kurdish fighters on Monday in their bid to regain control of the oil-rich...

Ferocity of Kirkuk attack points to tough fight for Mosul

At least 100 fighters sneaked into Kirkuk in the early hours of Friday with machine guns, rocket propelled grenades, suicide vests and...

Kurds take ten villages from Islamic State in north Iraq

Kurdish forces backed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes drove Islamic State militants out of 10 villages in Iraq's Kirkuk province on Wednesday in...

Coordinated attacks in northern Iraqi city kill 11, wound 70

Gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a police intelligence headquarters and a nearby shopping mall in a coordinated attack in the northern city...

Mosque bombing kills 8 Sunni worshippers in northern Iraq

A bomb exploded near a mosque in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Tuesday, killing eight Sunni worshippers after the first...

Militants shoot down military helicopter in northern Iraq

Unidentified militants shot down a military helicopter in northern Iraq on Wednesday, killing all four crew members, police sources said. The helicopter was...